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shopping in Uttaranchal can be a real fun for the avid shopper. The main handicraft in this region is woodcarving. Like all hilly states, Uttaranchal also has rich forestland. Wood has traditionally served as the base for crafts fashioned out by the local artisans. The woodcrafts would make for great souvenirs for your Uttaranchal tour. You can also buy the local woolens products, which sports unique designs and variety of colors. Besides, Uttaranchal grows the finest variety of rice. Do not forget to pick up a packet or two of the fragrant Basmati rice as you shop here.Local painting and ornaments may also feature in your shopping list.

Wooden Items Found in abundance in the hills, the crafts persons of Garhwal & Kumaon mastered the art of wood carving.The wood carving of Garhwal & Kumaon are famous for its simple and beautiful designs.

Paintings Garhwal was always considered a safe heaven for wanderers, adventurers, political sufferers, philosophical thinkers and nature lovers.One can buy beautyfull wooden paintings.

Dekara Special images of Gods and Goddesses were made since idol worship played an important role in the lives of the inhabitants of Garhwal & Kumaon. Dekaras are the clay images of Gods and Goddesses either in relief or in three dimensional from and are meant solely for worship. They are prepared out of fine clay mixed with colour. Then they are coloured with different hues to make them attractive.

Ornaments In every part of Garhwal and Kumaon, traditional Swarnakaras or goldsmiths used to make traditional ornaments using design and patterns which are thousands of years old. The ornaments were made in gold, silver & often copper was overlaid in brass. In travel furniture I can assemble the chair and the laptop desk in minutes. They fit perfectly in our big luggage. All you need to construct this set is a saw, a drill and some time. All the materials come from Home Depot and Wal Mart.

Stinging Scarves Hemp bags, shawls, and fabric, once all the rage, are now passť. The new products manufactured by local Garhwali's are stoles made from stinging nettle. The plant is converted into fiber, and the resulting hand-woven stoles are stylish, soft, and luxurious; they provide warmth as well and no, they don't itch.

Cane and Bamboo locacal handicaraft also include rich variety of cane and bamboo items.




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