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Folk Music of Garhwal

Music of every place has importance of its own. Folk music of every place is influenced by the culture, tradition and heritage. It’s a human nature to get attracted to beauty. There are soft and sweet rhythms which reflect the touch of nature dipped in a jaggery of love which can make every listener to sing and swing, such is the music of Garhwal. Popular folk music of Garhwal consists of following-

“Basanti”:- This is music which is played individually or by troupe. It is to welcome the new spring season when flowers bloom and life again refreshes.

“Mangal “:- These songs are basic puja songs which are sung at the time of marriage. They are sung with the priests who keep on enchanting mantra or shaloks basically in Sanskrit. There are sing to show delight on the event of happy occasions.

“Puja”:- Puja songs are like hymns. There are sung to seek the blessing of deities. There are praises of gods and offerings. There are songs which are recited to keep the evil spirits away by tantra and mantra

“Jaggar”:- It falls in the category of song sung for ghosts and spirits in the form of their worship. They are sometimes combined with dance also. Sometimes they are also sung for certain deities.

“Jhumeila”:- This are sung right from the start of “basant panchamii”. These continue till “Baishaki” This dance is restricted to woman folk only. But sometime it is performed by men also.

“Chounphula”:- It is performed by all sections of the community, at night, in groups, by men and women. 'Chounphula' folk songs are composed for the appreciation of nature on various occasions. Chounpala, Jhmeila and Daryola folk songs all derive their names from the folk dances of the same nomenclature.

“churra”-:- It is generally sung in Shepard community. It is a sort of advice given to young people by old people teaching them different ways of grazing and looking after cattle.

“Bhajuband”:- It is a sort of romantic song representing a dialect between lovers making lines endowed by love. It is common among sheperds. It is based on sacrifice.

“Laman”:- It is a song which is sung expressing the feelings of a man’s sacrifice for his beloved.

“pawada”:- it is an another song depicting sorrow especially when husband has gone to battlefield.

“Khuded”:- It is a song sung by a woman whose heart is filled with sorrow depicting her feelings when she has been parted with her husband, who has gone in search of a job




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