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Folk Dance of Garhwal

folk danceGarhwal is a place of beauty combined with celebration.Its atmosphere is always filled with the air of festivity and enthusiasm.Whenever people of this region get any opportunity to enlighten their spirits by dancing and celebrating in traditional ways, they do so by attiring in colorful and folk dresses. The festivals and celebrations which enlighten the spirits of people are magnificent.There are various dances which are performed by the people of Garhwal. There are dances like “Pandav Nrtya”,” the dance of Pandavas”, five brothers who are the protagonists of Mahabharata.This performance is called “Pandav lila” or “Pandavom ko nacana” and there are dances on funeral rite which are related to traditions of recitation include Pandav jagar of Kumaon, the Panduao of western garhwal and panvin of Himachal

Pandava lila: There are dances like “Pandava lila” which is popularly known as “Chakruvyuh”. It is enacted in various villages. Villagers dressed in various attires resembling the characters of Mahabharat perform the episode where Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun was killed by seven Kauravas in circular battle-formation.

Chhura: This is a dance which is very popular. It is based on tricks taught to a young shepherd by an old and experienced man. It is performed by both men and women folks.

Chepeli : It is also a very famous and fast dance. It is a dance of Kumaun. This dance is based on love and romance. It is performed by troupes of men and women dressed in colorful attires. There are several other dances like welcome festivals for various seasons. There are dances to welcome the arrival of new crops.




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